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Ohio Closing Cash Grain Bids

SPRINGFIELD - May 11/04 - SNS -- Ohio country elevator cash prices and trends for corn, soybeans and wheat, according to the latest USDA update.

Ohio Cash Grain Prices At Country Elevators

Ohio cash grain bids closed mixed on Tuesday afternoon. Corn prices were
mostly steady to a penny higher at 2.81-2.91. Soybean bids gained 9 to
13 cents at 10.26-10.41. Wheat prices fell 6 cents at 3.44-3.57.

                    Ohio Cash Grain Prices
           US 2 WHEAT    US 2 CORN   US 1 SOYBEANS
Northeast   3.65-3.75    2.82-2.89   10.26-10.41
Northwest   3.54-3.65    2.77-2.89   10.28-10.34
Central     3.44-3.54    2.85-2.94   10.21-10.25
W. Central  3.52-3.59    2.81-2.88   10.27-10.30
Southwest   3.44-3.57    2.81-2.91   10.29-10.40

                    Ohio Terminal Grain Markets
                 Toledo   Change         Cincinnati   Change
No.2 WHEAT     3.69       dn 6           3.74-3.76     dn 6-11
No.2 CORN      2.89-2.91  unch           2.99-3.03     up 1
No.1 SOYBEANS 10.33-10.37 up 10         10.51-10.53    up 9-12

               Ohio Contract Grain Prices for New Crop Delivery
Northeast   3.52-3.66     2.64-2.76    7.11-7.12
Northwest   3.57-3.65     2.66-2.73    7.25-7.33
Central     3.54-3.59     2.69-2.73    7.23-7.30
W. Central  3.49-3.55     2.61-2.68    7.19-7.24
Southwest   3.54-3.64     2.69-2.71    7.29-7.30
** June-July delivery

Source: USDA-IL Dept of Ag Market News Springfield, Il. 217-782-4925


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